Located 65 km north of Dar es salaam on the coast opposite Zanzibar, this is the formal capital of the German East Africa. It derived the name from the word Bwagamoyo means “ here I throw down my heart “ reflecting the desperation and despair of the “ broken heart” captives whose voyages into the unknown world began here. Bagamoyo has beautiful beaches with beautiful hotels, it is the best idea for relaxation during the visit to Dar es salaam.

What to see in Bagamoyo

Relax on the beaches The town of Bagamoyo offers the best hotels and brilliant beaches on the shores of India Ocean which provide the superb place to relax

Kaole Ruins This found about 5 km south of Bagamoyo : kaole are the ruins of once prosperous Arab town, which was forced into decline by the arrival of Portuguese in the 15th Century. The ruins dating back to the 12th Century include 2 mosque, one with a well and over 20 tombs. All the building were built in carved coral stone blocks.

Catholic Church and Museum First built in 1872, and its where the body of Dr. Livingstone kept before transferred to Zanzibar then England, 2nd Church built in 1909 – 1914

Old Prison A prison where slaves were kept before herded trough underground tunnels to waiting dhows at the Harbor, where their journey unknown world began

German’s Tombs Is the memory for the most of the German leaders who passed away during the First World War

Old Boma British Oversees Management Association, built in 1897 as the British first state house in Tanganyika

Cross Erected in 1867 by French Missionaries as the thanks and emblem to the Nation

Other areas to visit include: caravanserai, Crocodile farm, Old Port, Old buildings, salt Farms, etc