Safina Tours believes in Sustainable Tourism. We make sure that our activities take full account of the current and future of tourism. We focus on all three aspects of tourism sustainability namely economic viability, social acceptability and environmental friendliness.

On the economic viability, we strive to ensure our company fairly generates profit for its survival. We have been in existence since 2006 and proved an amazing growth in our business. As a company, we try to be a good tax payer; the income of our company does benefit all Zanzibaris through tax collecion by the government.

Socially, whenever we have employment opportunities, our priority is on local people specifically the surrounding community. Currently, more than 95% of our employees are local Zanzibaris who hold all senior management posts. Indeed, Safina Tours involves local people fully into the tourism activities, as a way to distribute the tourism benefits to all Zanzibaris. This is why it has become our policy to subcontract local people in some of the activities rather than doing them ourselves. For instance, we use local people's boat in all water excursions, such as Safaris Blue, Mnemba snorkeling, Sun set cruise and Fishing in view of building their capacity and ensuring a direct benefit from tourism to local people.

Environmentally, we regularly train our team to do away with all activities that threatens the ecological heritage of our planet. It has become our policy to change the vehicles every after a short period of time in order to avoid the pollution arising from the old vehicles. Also, we inform our customers to avoid the unnecessary collection of coral reefs during the diving and snorkeling and indeed to do their activities with great care. Most importantly, we have stopped to be part of some activities such as dolphin tours that are likely to endanger the future existence of dolphins.